Koki Kawanami serves Acupuncture treatment around Shinjuku in Japan. Koki specializes in Traditional Japanese Acupuncture from Japan.

Japanese Acupuncture focuses on gentle needling techniques, moxibustion therapy and palpation.The use of palpation is a key factor for diagnosing a patient. This is a very subtle technique that was developed out of the Edo period where visually impaired individuals were responsible for acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. Skillful palpation is key to successful diagnosis and treatment as a Japanese Acupuncturist.

Koki Is currently studying eagerly Functional Medicine for years. He is concerned with the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions of diseases. He seeks to identify and address the root causes of diseases. Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, he treats individuals who may have bodily symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions. 

About Koki Kawanami

Koki was born in Washington D.C.

He lived there for 2 years before returning to Japan. Koki received his bachelor's from Meiji University of Integrative Medicine, Kyoto Japan.

He learned Oriental Medicine from both Eastern and Western perspective.

This experience creates a unique treatment style in which Koki combines Eastern and Western principles to create a dynamic treatment and experience.

After he became an Acupuncturist in Japan he worked for several hospitals and private acupuncture clinics in Kyoto.

He treated a wide range of conditions. Many of his patients were school students or professional sport athletes including soccer, baseball, golf, tennis players, boxers, snowboarders and more.

After 7 years of practicing in Japan Koki decided he wanted to bring his experience and knowledge to the United States.

He attended the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley California and earned his Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Koki is licensed in the state of California.

He taught acupuncture, moxibustion and Japanese acupuncture technique's classes at AIMC Berkley. He was a supervisor to students in the clinic at AIMC Berkeley for 6 years.

Koki taught the theory of Oriental Medicine, acupuncture techniques, and Japanese acupuncture at University of California Berkeley as well.

Koki integrates Chinese medicine and Functional medicine in his practice.

Currently, Koki services acupuncture treatment in Shinjuku, Tokyo in Japan.

Koki specializes in treating chronic and complicated cases, digestion problems such as diarrhea, constipation, and IBS, headache, depression, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, pain management, and stress related symptoms.

He believes that who you are is what you eat.

He loves to talk about food, diet and life style.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you along the path toward optimal health and vitality, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing soccer, playing with my daughter, cooking or drinking coffee. 




"Koki Kawanami is one of the best and  most dedicated practitioners of acupuncture that I have had the good fortunate of receiving greatly needed health care assistance from."

-Dr. Nathan Strong College of Alameda 

"I have been most pleased with the service provided by Koki Kawanami. He provides a friendly and warm atmosphere to bring comfort to those who are suffering with pain. I first met my acupuncturist, Koki Kawanami, at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College. I have found Koki's practice with Miura Integrative Health to be very personable as well as very professional. He is thoroughly attentive to my individual and changing needs. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a healthier and happier solution that only an excellent acupuncture approach can bring."

-Marlon Shanks PhD Professor Emeritus Performing Arts 

"I have seen many acupuncturists and Koki is one of the best acupuncturists I have ever seen! I have complex and severe chronic illness and Koki's treatments were the first time I've ever felt my nervous system relax during and after acupuncture. He is extremely thorough with his pulse diagnosis and as well as being an excellent diagnostician. Additionally, he asked questions, listened to my feedback, and adjusted his treatments accordingly. Koki is very kind, dedicated,


caring and compassionate, exemplifying all the qualities I would want in a health care provider. He even took the time to speak with other members of my health care team. I honestly wish I could clone him! His English is impeccable and we were able to communicate very well. I highly recommend him."

-Sandy Do 

"I received excellent acupuncture and acupressure from Dr. Koki when he practiced in California. After over 10 years of receiving acupuncture from other doctors, I found Koki to be the absolute best!!! His methods are gentle and relaxing while at the same time precise and highly beneficial. He is an expert on women's health and helped me during fertility treatments and my healthy pregnancy and postpartum period. I also asked him for recommendations on dietary modifications and other things I could do to improve my health. I ended up recommending him to everyone I know!! I give him the highest recommendation."

Nina Ichikawa


"Koki Kawanami is the very best acupuncturist I have ever been seen by. He treated a number of my ailments such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome, arthritis, and other joint and muscle issues from which I had suffered for quite some time with great effect and improvement. I felt very comfortable with all of his treatments in which he focused on trigger points, often using e-stim, on different points of my body from head to toe. On some occasions, he used blood-letting/cupping and moxa which also had great effect. Koki took great care in listening to my input, asking me very thorough questions about my body’s condition at the beginning of each visit and also frequently checking in during the course of the treatment to make sure I was comfortable and that the treatment was taking its intended effect. He took interest in my overall health by emphasizing a better diet with no gluten, sugar, or dairy which has indeed improved my overall health, mentally and physically both. Last but not least, Koki is also exceedingly polite and professional. Considering all of these factors of my experience, I highly recommend Koki for anyone seeking acupuncture and TCM treatment."

Michael Thomas 

"I am 76 years old. I consulted with Dr Koki following a mild stroke. He administered gentle acupuncture to help restore feeling and function in the parts of my body that were affected. He also helped me with back problems and asthma. He is an empathetic, caring and knowledgeable healer. His English is excellent. I do not hesitate to recommend him."


Richard Fallenbaum 


"Koki is an excellent acupuncturist. His style is very gentle, but effective. I had sciatica that no one else had been able to fix, but Koki got rid of it completely! He also helped me with keeping my diabetic neuropathy in control and with my constant stomach discomfort. He is a true healer. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better and be free of pain."

Nicole Ennix 


"I am so grateful for Koki! He is a truly wonderful acupuncturist - extremely skilled and very knowledgeable. His treatments were always very gentle and left me feeling so much calmer and better in my body. I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much, Koki!"

Kelly Stock 


"Kawanami Sensei is a very gentle and thoughtful acupuncturist. I really appreciated his help with diet and nutrition for a radically different breakfast that I enjoy everyday, an elaborate miso shiru with grains, greens and egg! Thank you Koki-san!"

Betty Kano 


"I have been a patient of Koki Kawanami for more than two years. Koki demonstrates skill and compassion through his acupuncture treatments. Treatments are gentle and effective. I would recommend Koki to anyone who needs acupuncture."

School Teacher 


"Koki helped me with my insomnia, lower back pain, stiff shoulder -- he is skillful, knowledgeable and genuine. Every time after I get a treatment from Koki, I feel so relaxed and relieved from a daily personal and work life tension. I highly recommend Koki."

Geriatric Care Manager 




All acupuncture needle is sterile, single use medical devices. After each use, acupuncture needles are disposed in a medical waste container. Koki’s acupuncture treatment is very gentle and no pain. He often uses contact needle that never go through your skin as well. 



Moxibustion is a therapy which contains of burning dried mugwort on particular point on the body. The moxa is placed on the acupuncture point, burns, and is removed before it burns the skin. The Japanese moxa treatment is never hot or discomfort. It will be very cozy warm feeling on your acupuncture points. You won’t have any burning scar. 



Who you are is what you eat. the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said "All diseases begins in the gut." nearly 2500 years ago. I believe your health begins in your gut.
Koki will tell you how to find your food allergies and how to heal your gut. 



The foods you eat is no longer contain the nutrient level you require for your health. There are some reasons, depleted nutrient soil, pesticides, toxics, antibiotics, and so on. The supplements may help preventing and recovering from many diseases. 


Koki Kawanami Acupuncture


I have been using one of the rooms of the clinic, Shinjuku Kampo Clinic, located at Shinjuku Tokyo. 

This room has a calming energy,

you will feel relaxed both physically and mentally.

Very quiet, clean, and warming environment.

5 min. walking from Shinjuku Gyoenmae station. 


〒160-0022   3F Koei Building 1-29-8 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday:  11:00am〜7pm 





















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